Band: V/A
Album: Tribute to What We Feel CD
Released: 29 March, 2013

Bands from Germany, Russia and Belarus play the songs of russian antifa hardcore brigade What We Feel. Benefit to the family of Ivan Khutorskoi, Russian Antifascist Skinhead, murdered by nazis.

Released in collaboration with Street Influence.

1. My Terror (Dusseldorf, Germany) - "Niemals Vergessen"
2. Hausvabot (Berlin, Germany) - "Scene Police"
3. Voennoe Polozhenie (Nizhny Novgorod, Russia) - "Destinys Strikes"
4. Last Man Standing (Sterlitamak, Russia) - "Shoulder To Shoulder"
5. Warborn (St. Petersburg, Russia) - "Together"
6. Wild By Heart (Nizhny Novgorod, Russia) - "GNWP"
7. Karramba! (Gomel, Belarus) - "More Than Music"
8. Bona Fides (Voronezh, Russia) - "Our Friends"
9. Distress (St. Petersburg, Russia) - "Crust Song"
10. Total Control (Moscow, Russia) - "Earth Crisis"
11. Will To Win (Moscow, Russia) - "For What?"
12. Never Edge (Moscow, Russia) - "No Trust"
13. Marshall Arts (Berlin, Germany) - "United"
14. Indigus Lex (Hamburg, Germany) - "Voice Of Animals"