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Well-known British label Raucous Records, specializing on rockabilly, psychobilly and surf, releasing albums of The Meteors and Stray Cats, distribute Hoodwinkers "Clockabilly Rumblegumption" CD now!

We are glad to present one of the best albums in finishing year on Russian punk rock scene: The Poseurs "Disco"!

We welcome our english speaking visitors!

RUF028 THE POSEURS "Disco" CD 31.12.2014
RUF025 25 BUSHES "The River" MCD 15.02.2014
RUF024 ZHIROBOMBA s/t CD 18.01.2014
RUF022 ZUNAME "Train To Yuma" CD 24.05.2013
RUF023 MARAUDERS "Orthodox Jihad" MCD 17.05.2013
RUF018 STEAMDOLL ELLIE AND THE HOODWINKERS "Clockabilly Rumblegumption" CD 12.04.2013
RUF019 V/A "Tribute to WWF" CD 29.03.2013
RUF021 CHANGES "Together With Blood On Veins" CD 18.03.2013
RUF017 BEST ENEMY "Blue Album" CD 07.03.2013
RUF016 ROMERO'S NATION s/t CD 05.08.2012
RUF015 AYBAT HALLAR "Something Nice" CD 23.03.2012
RUF009 THE POSEURS s/t CD 21.07.2011
RUF013 THE SHOCKERS "Adrenaline" CD 08.05.2011
RUF012 THE VIGILANTES "I Wanna..." CD 17.12.2010
RUF011 BRAINDEAD "Weapons Of The Weak" CD 05.11.2010
RUF005 CAPTAIN FIASCO "Altar Of The Obsession" MCD 23.10.2010
RUF010 VITAMIN ROSTA "Decorations" CD 21.08.2010
RUF008 DIAGENS "The World Of Tomorrow" CD 15.05.2010
RUF007 NO ONE ELSE s/t CD 27.03.2010
RUF006 MEAN IDOLS / KEROSIN Split CD 23.01.2010
RUF004 STRIKE BACK "Each My Day" CD 15.12.2009
RUF003 WHAT WE FEEL "Our 14 Words" CD 28.08.2009
RUF002 THE SHOCKERS "For Rockers!" CD 14.07.2009
RUF001 BETTIE FORD "Singapore Sling" CD 08.05.2008
Coming soon:
RUF027 AYBAT HALLAR "Gods Of Rock And Roll" 7" ?
RUF026 JUST FUCKING KILL ME "This Dystopia" CD ?
RUF020 V/A "Ready To Rumble" CD ?
RUF014 MEAN IDOLS "Highlights Of The Past" CD ?

Ask local distributors or order direct from here.


Trades are welcome. Discounts for distros. Feel free to write: info@rumblefish.ru or to P.O.Box 69. 124482. Moscow, Russia.

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